Aluksne municipality`s secondary school was established in 2011 combining Aluksne secondary school and Aluksne evening (shift) secondary school. 33 teachers provide qualitative education. School implements 8 educational programs. There is a pre-school group for 5-6 year olds. For students, who continue learning in secondary education, is provided the professional-oriented educational program - National Defense Education. Students with special needs are taught together with other children, but some subjects are provided with individual training. Currently, 270 students are learning in school. 39% of students' families have only one parent, 23% of children caring grandparents or trustees, but 38% - children have both parents.

        To make students` educational time enjoyable, the school has several interest clubs - how to write projects, charity movement, “Laboratory of new ideas”, “the school chronicle of events”-school newspaper, different music and sport clubs, making wooden things.

        A nice library and reading room for students is the convenient place where they improve their knowledge, spend time in reading area and search the latest information on the Internet, in newspapers and magazines. The lessons take place in the local museums - the natural and local history, and the city library. By implementing various projects the school has newly renovated handicraft rooms for girls and boys, as well as it is established “Woodworking leisure center”. The school`s gym is fully loaded with different sports. After school lessons sports club activities for children and young people are taking place.

        Our students are very enthusiastic in biathlon. They have been taking part in biathlon competitions and have participated in Latvian and other countries competitions, got prizes. In 2013 our school team won the first place in Latvian School Youth Winter Olympics. Our school graduates represented Latvia in the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi.

        After school lessons young people acquire project writing skills, how to complete documentation and generate reports. In recent years students have implemented projects aimed at organizing and conducting activities for younger children and the whole school community. They provide non-traditional sports to rise youth interest in sport and for fun. Students realized the project for school`s flag and pennant, they attracted money from Aluksne and Ape Regional Community Foundation.

        Pupils have the opportunity to explore a variety of professions through established good cooperation with Latvian universities and colleges. For the fifth year the school team produces good results in the maritime competition "Anchor "in Latvia. This competition is for getting acquainted with the maritime professions. Archeology, restoration, business, army, police work and journalism are just some of the occupation branches where are interested not only the older students, but also elementary school students. That`s why, once a year, the school has the opportunity to participate in “Shadow Day”, when students are “a shadow” of their chosen profession and then share their experience with peers. In field trips students visit the water recycling laboratory, a sawmill, a newspaper editorial, weather observation station, animal shelter, police, fire stations and observe new experiences.

        Our school provides the “e-skills” week where the school organizes workshops for pre-school and primary school children with their parents, grandparents. All participants get acquainted with workshops which shows how the information technology can help in learning.

        In order to ensure students 'attendance and cooperation with families the school cooperates with various institutions - the psychological center of the Social Welfare Department, the orphans' court, police, Aluksne municipality, the Regional Department of Education. This year appeared the problem of using “legal” drugs due to which it is rising drop outs. Also the school has evening educational program where students continue education after a gap of learning. However, there are difficulties in learning and students rather drop out instead of solving situation. Common situation in country, when many people emigrate in order search better paid job and leave their children with grandparents who are not able to cope with teenager`s problems in learning, again leads to dropping out. The school has developed system which provides the cooperation with parents, psychologists and the Regional Education Department to prevent drop outs, to motivate learning and attendance. The “Erasmus plus” project will help us to find out other experiences in decreasing drop outs and create together new tools, also international collaboration is the greatest motivator for students to attend school in order to participate in the project.


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